What We Offer

Lights & LasersChic & Elegant
State-of-the-art sound system and lighting effects

Euphorix Mobile Disco offer you a choice of two different disco set ups; Lights & Lasers OR Chic & Elegant. You can choose from either for the same fee.

Both set ups include a superb, professional speaker system with two sub woofers which creates a phenomenal sound, the Opti CS150 control booth with an illuminated front panel which changes colour plus two moving head effects with fixed GOBOs and various colours which produce great light shows with a pan and tilt function.

Other lighting effects depend on which set up you decide to choose but can include a fabulous 2m x 3m LED drape backdrop with animated effects and a selection of professional mixed lighting including lasers, motion LED’s, GOBO lighting, barrel rolls, projector LED’s, DMX Datamoons and LED colour beams.

Your Perfect Mobile Disco

A great sound system, brilliant professional lighting effects combined with fabulous music will create the perfect mobile disco atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves. We’ve got music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Motown, Soul, Rock and Roll, plus party music and present day chart hits. With a huge library of digital music tracks, we are likely to have ‘your song’, or any songs that your guests request.

We don’t produce a fixed play list in advance of a function as all guests and events are different and we respond accordingly to ensure that your night is a fantastic success. That said should you have some favourite songs, we are very happy to accommodate your requests. Likewise, if there is any particular style of music or specific tracks that you DON’T want played, please let us know and we won’t play them! We find that when our clients let us know what they enjoy listening and dancing to, it helps us to determine what other tracks will also work well when played.

We always remember that you pay us for our services and that we work for you at your function to ensure that it is just the way you want it to be and all for an affordable price!

Music tailored to you and your audience

What do you remember about the last party you were a guest at? We bet it was the music! Generally we find that at functions where there are a varied age range of guests in attendance, a selection of all types of music from different eras is welcomed and works very well.

Much of the evening’s music and the role of our DJ, Cameron, will be based on reading the crowd, taking requests on the night and also gauging reaction from the dance floor. When taking requests, we use our judgement and will not play anything obscure as we know from experience that this can instantly kill the dance floor. However, most requests work well when played at the right time.

We love to see people up dancing and find that as the evening progresses, a drink or two helps to loosen even the most reluctant dancer up and before you know it guests are congregating on the dance floor busting out their best moves! Obviously we can’t guarantee that EVERYONE will want to get up and dance as some people just don’t enjoy this and are happy to remain seated but can often be seen singing along and tapping their fingers and toes in time to the beat which shows us that they’re enjoying themselves.

Our Disco checklist is as follows

  • Fabulous Sound

  • Playing the right music at the right time.

  • A great light show.

  • Ensuring the right volume so that your guest’s conversation isn’t a shouting match!

  • Playing the music you want to hear and that your guests request.

  • Occasional use of microphone
    Your guests want great music to dance to, and generally won’t want to listen to a DJ who likes the sound of his own voice! We totally understand and respect this, but if you require any announcements to be made, we are happy to oblige. You are also very welcome to use our mic for any speeches.

  • If there is a specific dress code, let us know so that we can dress appropriately.

  • A reliable and professional service.

  • Back up music equipment for your peace of mind.

Get everyone on the dance floor with ‘Euphorix Mobile Disco’!